Reality Check: Words do not operate like Whatsapp Messages

A couple of days back I posted this on my whatsapp Story, and I tried to explain why I made that statement, exactly what I’m trying to do here as well. We’ll get to that in no time.


This is 2020 and almost everyone using the internet knows what social media is, with the abundance of instant messaging apps with multimedia tools, life has become easier than it used to be.


There are a lot of things to gain since the inception of the internet, and social media has only but magnified it better.

Information is available to billions of people at relatively no cost(that includes false information as well).

Social media has helped businesses and people become successful(you could see a lot of entrepreneurs online even though some of them are fake).

Social media when used wrongly can be ridiculously deleterious to the user. It’s more like a statement once made by the President of Nigeria, President. M. Buhari, he said; “I’m a friend of everybody and I’m a friend of Nobody”. Social media can help you achieve tremendous strides, and as well could help you achieve abysmal strides, it all depends on how well you use it.


Well, there’s a reason why I singled out whatsapp just for this topic. Everything I will be saying will be relative to Whatsapp, and one reason I decided to use whatsapp is because of some of it’s features.


Whatsapp is one of the popular instant messaging apps, with billions of downloads on Application stores Online. A lot of persons have even modified the application for stealth and stalk purposes… A lot of my friends must be proud of themselves for working in the F. B. I, by simply having a modded whatsapp application that makes them invisible.

That aside, a lot of things can be done via the whatsapp application, like texting, calling(video and voice), sending multimedia messages e.t.c, but telling you what whatsapp does is not the reason I set up this topic.


Words do not operate the same way as whatsapp texts! That’s why we are here right?


Words are singular units or smaller units of language with meaning(s), and when you put them together, you make a sentence and you make more sense!


Our focus is on Whatsapp.

Words are used to pass whatsapp messages to people. This can be done by text(writing), voice recording or calls(speaking) or video calls(audio + visual, except the person chooses not to speak). However the means, words are used!


Whatsapp texting, has a very good feature that allows you delete your texts and multimedia within a period of time.

You may delete your words after you’ve sent them to avoid miscommunication or even escalation of an information you may deem as not appropriate, but you see, words do not operate the same way.


Your reputation online and offline is a product of your words irrespective of how you say them.


Thankfully, Whatsapp allows you to delete messages even before the other end gets to read it. More like a second chance for you To consider, because it’s difficult to take back those words or whatever you’ve sent even after the guy on the other end may have seen it.


Words are more like arrows, when you shoot them, you either kill a Buffalo or you kill a man. Whatever it is that you kill, bottom line is, once you get it out, it’s difficult to retract.


Ever seen where someone shoots an arrow, missed the target and retracts the arrow back to the bow?

You need time traveling to do that you know? And time travel is not commercial until the year 2028(just kidding…. Lol)


The Crux of this post is, you have to be careful with what you say, the impressions you make online and offline with words, you may not have the chance to take back those words, and the repercussions may come back to hunt you.


I’ve had conversations in time past that I wish I could have recalled, even till date. I don’t want you to feel the same too.


Before you hit the send button, before you say anything, reconsider very well and weigh your options.


Thank you,


With ❤️

John Omoku.


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Reality Check: Words do not operate like Whatsapp Messages

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