Why is there so much diversity in Christianity

Man as a social being, no matter how different we may look in color, size, religion, whatever way we differ, we are still the same… We are still Man.

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Despite we are the same in every way ,our way of life still differs, our beliefs, our conduct.

Many of us believe in the existence of a supernatural being, a good number of us still don’t believe. This is why most times, when filling out our bio datas, we are requested to fill in our religion, of which there are so many options that we fit into, according to our beliefs.

Whatever your beliefs are, we are not here to talk about them, but to strictly examine only one of them, which is the most occurring religion in the world, Christianity!

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Christianity as a religion, entails the worshipping of God as a supernatural being in all fullness of righteousness and doing away with every deeds that has a connection with Satan or Lucifer, the arch enemy of the children of God. But is Christianity really a religion ? This we’ll examine in the next post. I’d probably update this article, and I’ll leave a link to that post below this article.

Now to the topic of discussion or analysis.

Why is there so much difference/diversity in Christianity and it’s practices?

The same way of asking why there is division in the church.

Let us briefly examine this under few points, which I meticulously and thoughtfully arranged, of which are subject to criticism, as they represent my view point on the matter.

After doing some thinking, I was able to come up with a few points which were about four, and may be updated as time goes on. Without wasting much time, let’s go to the list.

  1. Absence of the Holy Spirit
  2. Poor Understanding of the Scriptures
  3. Too many different Bible versions
  4. Different ordinances and denominations

1. Absence of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is seen as the spirit of God that dwells with men and in men. By dwelling with men, we can say he’s all encompassing, and he’s said to only dwell in holy temples, that is, in bodies of persons, considered to have set aside themselves from iniquity/sin, and are walking in the fullness of righteousness, and in purity.

The spirit, acts as a guide and instructor, guiding and directing the behaviors of Christians, and not only that, it is also considered as the spirit that passeth wisdom and understanding, hence, he helps in proper discerning of the words and thoughts of God, this includes the written words which we know as the scriptures, and those not written.

Judging by the functions of the Holy Spirit, is that enough reason to point fingers, and infer that the absence of the Holy Spirit is the reason for the diversity in Christianity? No it’s not.

The words were written by men under the influence of the Holy Spirit, hence, to understand it, we too should be under the influence of the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is absent, we might interpret the scriptures in the manner we so desire, that is not according to what it means. Therefore we may fail to discern the heart and thoughts of God, and we’ll go our own way.

Different persons may interpret the scriptures differently, causing them to practice and live their lives differently, instead of living the same way, because the spirit of God is present in some persons, hence they can accurately decipher his words, while the others cannot properly discern, making them practice what they wish to.

2. Poor Understanding of the scriptures

People perish due to lack of wisdom, today is no different. The Bible almost like any other book can be interpreted in multi-dimensions, as almost every situation can be likened to any chapter in the Bible. For instance, a young man, who just lost his job, his three children are sick and his landlord is on his neck. We can say, this is similar to what happened to the biblical JOB right?

The book of God can be likened to laws, despite they are not laws, for there is only one law, that is the law of love. Should we liken it to a book of laws for instance, the law says we should not kill right? And everyone is expected to follow that law. Imagine where everyone does, it means, in no wise will there be deaths by murder right? It means everyone behaves the same.

So if the scriptures could be equally understood correctly to mean one thing by all, it is expected that everyone would behave alike in every aspect.

3. Too many different versions of the Holy Bible.

Man, in his bid to further understand or make the Bible a bit more understandable, may end up removing some parts of the Bible, by modifying it and misinterpretation will be the sole end result. This is why we have so many different Bible versions today.

Someone might just walk up to you and say, “Ah! Have you gotten our Church bible? How come yours in different from ours? ”

When you compare these versions, you’ll find sometimes, that they are conflicting, and may sometimes ,send an entirely different message to you or the congregation at large, accounting for beliefs and practices.

The King James version most times ,have been seen as the most difficult to comprehend, but has been seen too as the scriptures in it’s purest form, and I believe most other versions were culled from there. Don’t get it twisted, this is not a sponsored post for the King James version of the Bible.

If we should look at the scriptures, the original notes, some parts were in Greek letterings, others in Latin and so on. It will quite be, a pain in the neck to revise them, as some are dog earred or probably missing and may painstakingly take years to organize. How do we know we are reading the right versions?

The diversity in the versions of the Holy Bible today, one way or the other has affected the beliefs, bible interpretation and mode of operation of Christians today.

4. Denomination and ordinaces

Sadly today, Christianity can be likened to a house with different rooms. Christianity should be likened to a single room instead, and not a house with too many rooms. How I do mean?

A house with plenty rooms in that, everyone can identify this particular building as “Christianity”, but inside, are different practices and divers ways of life and beliefs, still under the house “Christianity”.

This shouldn’t be mentioned.

Why should it be likened to a single room?  In a single room system, everyone in that single room, live there because they are qualified as a family, where the same lifestyle rules the members of the room… Each roommate are alike in every way.

Today we say, I’m Catholic, I’m Anglican, I’m Presbyterian, and others because we do not totally believe in the same thing, despite we claim the same umbrella of Christianity.

A Muslim in Nigeria is the same Muslim in America.

Sometimes we are born into these different traditions, we have swallowed the old wine a lot, no space for the new one. We can barely question what we learn. We swallow headlong what the preacher is saying without making research, if what we are practicing or learning is right or not.

Division in the name of denomination is responsible for diversity and conflict in the Christian society today.

We have been advised to study to show ourselves approved. The scripture is our guide and the division in the church today can be seen to occur on a large scale because of improper understanding and failure to study the word properly without isolation.

Meanwhile, is there any point I’m missing? Do let me know via the comments section. Please don’t forget to drop your comments

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Why is there so much diversity in Christianity

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