Tecno Pouvoir 3 Specs and Price to expect in Nigeria

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Tecno mobile company is getting the greater share of the Nigerian Smartphone market, and in case you don’t know, Tecno Pouvoir(pronounced as Poovwa) series are mid range products from the stables of Tecno mobile, offering quite good specifications and user experience. But if there’s one thing I’ve come to know about Tecno devices, it is that their products, each and every one of them has an upper hand in one area compared to another. What do I mean?

I mean, you could have a particular Tecno device with better camera, and an average battery and another Tecno device with a better battery and an average camera. It’s difficult to see one with an all round good specification.

I perfectly understand this to be due to the pricing. And I’ll like to say, at those prices, they are pretty awesome.

Now to today’s topic, Tecno Pouvoir 3. What are we expecting?


Throwback to less than a year ago, when we witnessed the release of the Tecno Pouvoir 2, it was an amazing site to behold. A beautiful device with an amazing battery. The battery was it’s selling point. I mean, it still is.

So, Again, what are we expecting? Will their be any changes? If yes then where? What about the price?


Here are the features I think this device will come with.

  1. A Notch display

The previous Pouvoir, Pouvoir 2, housed a large screen with thin side bezels and thicker ones at the top and bottom. Now at that point it was released, the smartphone world started embracing the Notch display, and it wasn’t so rampant as it is today. Advancements are going on daily, and we are beginning to reach the era of phones with 100% screen to body ratio. It is imperative to say that if your phone does not contain at least a notch display, then your phone is in the past… Oh well!

Enough of the digression!

So, yes! We’ll be having a notch on this one. Tecno released a teaser image a couple of days back, and yes, the notch was there.


2. Camera

The previous Pouvoir had a 13mp back camera, paired with a 8mp front camera, while the Pro variant had 13mp front camera. Well, the Pouvoir series is not a camera phone anyways, I don’t expect the cameras to be more than 13mp on the Pouvoir 3. It’ll obviously be an AI camera, with bokeh effects. If really there should be an upgrade, it won’t be more than a 16mp back camera and a 13mp front camera, but I’m speculating 13mp AI camera with auto focus+13mp fixed focus camera.


3. Os/ operating system.

The Tecno Pouvoir 3 is expected to come with at least an Android pie OS, nothing short of that. It will as well come with Tecno’s latest HIOS. Tecno has however had one issue, which is, software updates, but recently, they have started sending minor software updates to their devices, and I’m very sure the device won’t go beyond Android Pie.


4. Storage and Ram

I’m betting the Tecno Pouvoir 3 will come in two variants.

First: 2gb ram+ 32gb Rom version

Second: 3gb ram + 32gb Rom version(suspected to be Pro version)

The only difference between this and Pouvoir 2 should be the Rom.

5. 4G lte

This feature is suspected to come with the Pro version of the Pouvoir 3

6. Battery

The Pouvoir 2 bagged a massive 5000mah. Unarguably, Pouvoir devices are battery devices, and I’m expecting Tecno mobile to maintain this same capacity on the Pouvoir 3. Yes, a 5000mah battery.


7. Processors

Unsure about this one, but most likely between a 1.3ghz quad core Mediatek processor to a 2.0ghz quad core processor. Expect the Pro version to run on an octa core processor, certainly Mediatek.


8. Price

Judging by my suspected specifications, the price range of the device might range between N45,999-N48000. The Pro version is suspected to range between N50,000-N56000.

That’s it guys.

Conclusion: The Tecno Pouvoir series are mainly battery phones, and one thing is sure, you won’t be let down by the soon to be released Pouvoir 3. Prepare to expect nothing less than a 3-4 days standby time, and 2.5 days on-screen time. If you want a phone you can use without bothering about batteries, then this is the one for you . While we anticipate the device, you should however note that these estimates are according to my perceptions and may not be entirely correct.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you! Your comments are most welcomed and duly appreciated.


John Omoku is a Nigerian Pharmacist and Writer who loves to share his thoughts on virtually everything he has an idea on, this blog is one space where he does that. Asides from pharmacy related topics, he is an ardent Tech and Gadget lover.


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