How to Setup Emergency SOS contact/info on phone lock screen to help first responders during Emergencies

Image of Android Phone lockscreen

Going with the introduction of new mobile devices with top notch security systems and softwares implemented in them, you’d agree with me that it’s becoming difficult to get access to the phones of people especially after or during emergencies.


Almost every phone there is today, seems to have a fingerprint lock, a pin, pattern or password lock e.t.c.

Imagine a man who uses fingerprint lock on his mobile device, getting involved in a very ghastly auto crash in an unknown location, he’s unconscious and probably lost his finger in that accident, how do you get access to call some of his friends or family members or even some of his details (like blood group in case he needs blood, allergies e.t.c)?

It’s almost impossible, because his finger has been cut off, and he can’t speak because he is unconscious!

Do you know you can setup your emergency information(like blood group, allergies, current medication) or emergency contacts(like your mom, brother, wife, husband, bestfriend e.t.c) that can be reached by first responders in case you are in a very critical condition, without having them unlock your phone?

That is the aim of this post.

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How do you do that?


Steps to follow:

  1. Go to your lockscreen!
Image of Android Phone lockscreen
My phone’s lockscreen

Head over to your lockscreen by ‘tapping’ your power button off and on.

Swipe up, and you’ll be requested to input password/pin or verify fingerprint.

Tap on “EMERGENCY” below


2. Step two


Double Tap on Emergency information as highlighted in the image above


3. Step Three

Emergency screen

Tap on the pencil icon as indicated in the image above. You’ll be required to unlock your phone after tapping the pencil icon


4. Step Four

Edit emergency Info

Tap on Edit information as indicated above.


5. Step Five

Medical information

Fill in your Name and necessary medical Information as required.


6. Step Six

Add Emergency Contact

Add emergency contacts you want to be contacted in case you are in an emergency situation, or you’re being arrested. You can add your moms, siblings, relatives e.t.c. and that’s all!

After having setup the required information as displayed in the above six step procedure, you are all set for some unforseen contingencies that may or may not come.

Now someone else can call your relative or friend without unlocking your phone

In case you are the first responder to an emergency situation and you want to get access to contacts and emergency details of the victim without unlocking his/her phone, simply tap on “emergency” on the lockscreens, then tap on emergency information and every required detail will be displayed there!


Share this information, you might save someone!

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How to Setup Emergency SOS contact/info on phone lock screen to help first responders during Emergencies

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