Quietness in the Market place- A poem by John Omoku

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Picture of a woman trying to quiet her child 
Again I picked up my pen,
Hoping I would make it bleed as always,
But instead, I stared at my book like a hen,
As I talked with solitude face to face.
I feel nothing, but something, 
But something felt like empty
Indeed, empty was no where close to what I felt, 
But it was something…
The cold breeze walked down my shoulders smouldering, 
And the hairs on my skin, Orgasm 
The fierce heart of a winter soldier bleeds, 
Love was the needle causing the bleat.
Indeed sadness had a long goatee, 
And I was sinking and grinding in it.

By John Omoku Sept.25.2018

This was My first ever poem, and it depicts a broken man, wounded in his emotions… From what obviously was a cut through his heart, a deep cut.

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John Omoku is a Nigerian Pharmacist and Writer who loves to share his thoughts on virtually everything he has an idea on, this blog is one space where he does that. Asides from pharmacy related topics, he is an ardent Tech and Gadget lover.


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