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Pharmacy in Nigeria, and as a course no doubt is one Professional Course almost anyone would opt to study here in Nigeria and the world over. The fact that it is lucrative and  the fact that almost every Pharmacist is Self-employed gives it great advantage over many other professions including Medicine, if you ask many persons why they studied pharmacy, this is one reason, others might say they preferred medicine but just couldn’t withstand the sight of blood or just couldn’t meet up the cut-off marks. Well, that’s fine!

Moreover, many persons tend to look at pharmacy students as people who couldn’t meet up the requirements for Medicine and Surgery! I saw that a lot while at school, anyways, there was still that prestige, and we were looked as though we studied one of the most difficult rocket science course ever. My school, Niger Delta University, didn’t have any peculiar uniforms for pharmacy students  unlike University of Port Harcourt( UNIPORT) that had a white on ash uniform, so you could easily spot any pharmacy student and that also could easily ascribe some respect.

Oh! Look, that guy na pharmacy student o!

I bet they get that a lot.

Anyways, Why did i write this topic?

This was written to help aspiring pharmacy students in Nigeria to identify some errors that i made, learn from them and prevent them from happening, so they’d have a really good experience while in school or even while filling the JAMB form. So… Let’s get to it.


What mistakes did i make as a pharmacy student during my degree pursuit(B.Pharm)?

As a student, you’ll definitely make some mistakes along the line, ones that you’ll wish you had the chance to rewind time and go back to correct them. As for me, i made a whole lot, even up till my final year.

  1. Studied Pharmacy with little to no passion for the course.
  2. Barely attended a lot of classes
  3. Skipped some assignments
  4. Neglected the use of textbooks to a large extent
  5. Poor social life
  6. Fire Brigade approach
  7. Poor cramming skills.

So guys, just above, i summarily classified some mistakes that i made during my schooling as  a pharmacy student here in Nigeria, and I’m going to talk about each of them briefly. The above listed errors affected me in so many ways, even my grades! Try to correct them especially if you’re encountering any of the above mentioned.

To the list…

1. Studying with little to no Passion

As an aspirant, while filling that JAMB form, you might want to have a rethink. Ask yourself, do i have the passion to study? Or am i just filling this form because of my friends or Parents?

Do not make the mistake of ever studying a course you have no passion for, it’ll hurt you later on.

Personally, i loved computers a lot and tech stuffs, but along the line, i decided to apply to study pharmacy. What jobs will computer science graduates get here in Nigeria? Hence, i weighed the benefits over the loss, and pharmacy was the choice. It was no longer a case of passion anymore. I struggled all through my stay in school mainly because of this factor. It was difficult to concentrate at times.

2. Barely attended a lot of classes.

Well, this is one mistake you should never make!

There are a lot of lecturers during my school days, they’ll tell you a lot of things which you can barely find in their materials. It’s really important that you attend classes and jot down some things, as it’ll help you while reading or making reference.

3. Skipped Assignments.

If you are a Nigerian, a pharmacy student and you like your life, better take your assignments seriously! No be play o!

Assignments may be used as assessment for your C.A, and will help you when you need it. They are an easy way to earn very good marks.

While researching for the assignment question, you also get enlightened and as well become better.

I skipped a lot of assignments, it really affected me. Don’t be lazy like me.

4. Neglecting your textbook

This one is a very common issue with students. Most times, we feel the lecture notes given us by the lecturers are enough, no need to check up the textbooks or read up articles, but this is totally wrong.

It’s very good you check up online, or read your textbooks, doing so, you get more details and better understanding, meaning better grades!


5. Social life

You need to have very good connections as a student. While i was studying severally, i noticed there were just some students with materials and past questions that are better than the conventional ones you find in the class. I was a really bad introvert, i barely could communicate and become friends with a lot of people, and this really did not help me. Then i changed slightly, and things became better.

When it comes to materials, have no enemies!

6. Fire brigade approach

Yes! This one nearly finished me!

The act of leaving your lecture notes to pile up until the night to the exam before reading them, this is what you call fire brigade method. As a pharmacy student, you need to keep reading your materials regularly. There’s no time, i know! You just have to try and make out that time, before it’ll be late for you.

During your schooling, you’d come across tons of pathways to memorize, shikimic acid pathway nearly killed me! Only constant revisiting will help you in cases like this.

7. Poor Cramming Skills

While in school, i wasn’t good at cramming, something i hated. You’ll hear people say, you don’t need to cram in pharmacy school! But the truth is, you really need it. There are times when you’ll be greeted with tests and a very short time to prepare for them, hence, short term memory would be your best bet. How do you cope if you can’t cram very well?

The best students in my class were ardent crammers. If you’re one who doesn’t like cramming, i think it’s time to have a rethink.


So, that’s all.


Pharmacy schools in Nigeria are not as difficult as painted by people. Have the right passion, focus and put in your everything and you’ll be better. See you at the top!

Much love.




John Omoku is a Nigerian Pharmacist and Writer who loves to share his thoughts on virtually everything he has an idea on, this blog is one space where he does that. Asides from pharmacy related topics, he is an ardent Tech and Gadget lover.


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