About Omokusrant

Omokusrant is a blog, developed by John Omoku.. Created on June, 2018, it is a space where he shares his thoughts obviously in writings, ranging from people, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and lots more.

The world is changing, things are not longer the way they used to be... Sometimes I write on these changes, expressing my feelings on them.
It could be poetic writings, ordinary essays, or sarcasm.
Each post may however, contain certain pictures, which I may give credit to the source which it was derived.

Posts from here may not be regular as you might find on some entertainment blogs, as I write according to what I feel, and so posts are considered thoroughly before pasting them here.

Contents from here should not be reproduced without consent form the author, or without due credits.
You can contact the author via his email address, @[email protected].

“Everything written here, is according to my perspective, view or point of observation.  It is however, subject to criticism by the reader”.

Happy reading.

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