How to change your Boomplay music Skin/theme easily

Boomplay Music App

Hello guys,

So I’m here thinking about what to post, then i thought to myself, what do i know? This is one of them, so…. Here goes!

If you’re reading this, you probably know what Boomplay music is!

Hence, i don’t need to define what it is, but for writing sake, Boomplay music is a popular music streaming app that also allows you play songs stored in your phone’s memory. Yeah, that was easy.


Boomplay app is gaining many users worldwide in the smartphone industry, and one thing we probably like about our smartphones, is the flexibility, we can customize them as we want, and that is why i want to show you how to customize your Boomplay application’s appearance.


Changing the skin makes your app stand out and appear better(even though it’s the same)

Boomplay app gives options(with templates) to use different colors and even pictures(including yours), you’ve probably seen this on your friend’s phone. Follow the steps below.

How to change Boomplay theme and background colors

Step 1 

Boomplay Music App

Open the Boomplay app, if you don’t have the app, you can find it on your Appstore.


Step 2

Boomplay menu

Touch the menu button at the top left part of your screen!


Step 3

Tap on the theme icon there

Tap on theme icon there


Step 4

Boomplay theme options

Select any option you desire, a black theme, white, color(any color you want) or the image icon where you’ll be able to add any picture from your gallery.


That’s all! As easy as pie!

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How to change your Boomplay music Skin/theme easily

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