Drug abuse, a time bomb

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Tramadol Hitler: The Angel of death
By John Omoku


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(It was a sunny afternoon, and wailings from old women and youths resonated from afar)
Woman 1: Chei!!! See this fine boy
Woman 2: E be like say na Epilepsy oo
Plantain seller: Make una pour am water!
Pedestrian: Make una flog am otapiapia.
(Then I said to myself, what could be happening? Otapiapia? So, I quickly put on my shirt and opened my gate)
Lo, it was a young man, he was lying helplessly, and happened to have what looked like a seizure.
Ah! Wetin happen na? I asked…

Barely could anyone answer, as all hands were on deck to revive the man. In few seconds, the medics arrived and took Mr. Man away.
Everywhere was quiet, then I asked my neighbor, abeg, Wetin do am?
Hmm! No be small thing o, she said… Na one labourer, him take 800mg of Tramadol oo, as Ein climb up with headpan, naso Ein fall from that one storey building.. Choi!(i shouted).
Dear reader, one storey building?
Tramadol dey give energy,
Tramadol dey help when Emeka disappoint
Tramadol dey make eye clear
Tramadol dey treat malaria.
Who told you?
Do you know that Tramadol can turn you to NEPA, before you know it, light Don go?

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Drug addiction is real, and it kills.
Help yourself, and let others help you.
You can do that job without that drug.
Don’t be a vegetable while you’re alive.
If you have any issues, talk to God, then talk to people.. Don’t self-Prescribe! Know your doctor/pharmacist.
Tramadol is a pain killer, and taking it for it’s side effects might end up killing you.
N/B: when you need energy, get a soft drink 😉
In course of reading this article, you’ll encounter some Nigerian slangs… The article features a story of a young labourer who was addicted to a certain drug(Tramadol), and met his doom after consuming a dose of 800mgs and fell off from a storey building while attempting to climb up the building with a headpan loaded with Cement. 
Indeed drug abuse and addiction ,is fast becoming a dangerous menace to existence, and together we can stop drug abuse and addiction!   
With ❤
John Omoku. 

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