Don’t Say Black Is Beautiful! Here’s Why

Black is Beautiful! You probably have heard this or seen it on social media a dozen times. It’s a popular saying on the lips of blacks; Black Americans, Black Africans e.t.c, even on their social media profiles and timelines.
Indeed black is beautiful, and this is often written or said to mean a lot of things.

(1). To encourage a lot of black people to be confident in their skins.
(2). To fight skin bleaching that’s becoming a problem today amongst the black folks.
A whole lot of other reasons which I may not highlight in this post.

So, why shouldn’t we say, black is beautiful?

A couple of months back, my friend, David Angaye, made a post on his Whatsapp Story. For the record, he didn’t exactly say “Don’t say black is beautiful” but the synopsis of his writing revealed it somehow.

David indeed acknowledged the fact that black is beautiful, but wasn’t so good with the fact that people always kept looping the said phrase almost every time they felt like.
He gave an instance of the “the whites”. Sorry if that sounded racist, but I don’t intend that in any way. That being said, let’s move on.

So, Mr. David said that, You’d never hear the whites say “White is beautiful”, and that’s because they know that “white is beautiful”.

Why reiterate something that is obvious?
More like a guy walking past the streets and telling everyone, “Hey do you know I’m a guy” or “Hey, I’m not a Girl”.
Obviously, he’s a guy, and everyone knows he’s a guy except he’s dressed as Bob(the risky guy). You know what I mean…

Somehow, I do agree with David, even though it’s not wrong to say “Black is beautiful” once in a while. Don’t get him wrong nor me.

Black is obviously beautiful, but why we create the awareness to those who underestimate our beauty, it’s best to not overdo it like some shy kid rehearsing some lines to present at a dinner, to a girl he’s been crushing on for months.

Get it?

Self-confidence is the keyword there!
Should I say, Race-confidence? Sounds like balderdash to me… I know you get my point though.
Blacks should learn to be a little more confident in themselves, and instead of letting the whole world know we are beautiful, we should just live it! Because we are!

Honestly, I haven’t also seen someone posting “White is beautiful” or “White is Bae”, because they live it!

You getting my preaching? I think this is where you drop the offerings to the house of the lord… Should I drop my account number?

If you read till this point, I want to let you know that you are a Superman(except you are Bob the risky guy) or you are a Wonder woman.
I appreciate you a lot.

With ❤️
John Omoku.

Meanwhile, Bob the risky guy is Bobrisky (A Nigerian born male, but a cross dresser)

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Don’t Say Black Is Beautiful! Here’s Why

4 thoughts on “Don’t Say Black Is Beautiful! Here’s Why

  1. Indeed, people dnt need to stress on the obvious like the popular phrase “black is beautiful” but I also feel stating the obvious isn’t an act of inferiority complex
    “Diamonds are beautiful, yet we phrase it almost always”

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