Why Fela,Sowore,Oby and others have Lost the 2019 Elections already

While the 2019 general elections still holds surprises for us all, it is already obvious to many of us that there are only two main candidates for the general elections, the incumbent President and the candidate for the People’s Democratic Party(PDP).   Elections generally has turned to something different from what it was, in as […]

Why you are addicted to that drug, and what happens in your Brain

Hello and welcome, I know you are probably here because you stumbled upon this post from the search engines, or from an article I wrote on Tramadol addiction, or someone must have sent you the link via other platforms… Well, either ways, you’re welcome again. If you’re new to this blog, you’d notice that this […]

The jungle naija and the prey Nigerians(the wolf and sheep illustration)

The wolf on the far left interacting with the sheep A wolf, seeing a lamb drinking from a river, wanted to find a pretext, for devouring him. He stood higher up the stream and accused the lamb of muddying the water so that he could not drink. The lamb said that he drank only with […]

The thread between Cultism and Autism(eye opener and a command)

“Who goes you” “Wither you” “We go fall am down” (Above are popular sayings, by cultists, somewhere in West Africa, with the aim of instilling fear in their victims… Mind you, they are not just to instill fear. Still wondering what the last quote means?)  Life is evolving everyday. A dynamic process they say it is. However, […]

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