The health sector is all encompassing of so many fields or areas of specialty and not just about the Physicians and the Nurses or even the Pharmacists. There are a dozen more fields in the health sector that are quite not given the accolades they deserve.

Battle for superiority in health sector in Nigeria

However, the sector is not complete just with the presence of the Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists. 
The health sector is a body with different parts and functions, and all are to function in synergy to achieve a primary aim, which is, to better the health and lifestyle of the populace.

Why the other Unpopular fields are not given the due accolades they deserve is not the crux of this post, but to address the issue of power tussle and the battle for superiority in the health sector.

The health sector today is hit with a huge problem of "what profession is leading the sector". This is not a new problem per se...
There were several cases in times past relating to the same issue. 

Certainly there has to be a "leader" in a body or an organization, but why should that be a problem anyways? 

Having a leader is not a problem at all, but when everyone wants to lead, some problems will ensue and the main goal of the organization is truncated. 

If you list out the various fields that constitutes the health sector, and you ask someone, what field do you think is suitable as the head of the health sector? most persons will go for the Physicians. 
It has been like that for ages!

There's no point dragging who should be the head or what professions should lead. 

I'm not saying that physicians are better leaders, but, I hope you get what I'm saying. 

There is a problem however! 

As a leader, irrespective of your field, you are to respect other fields you lead. 
Respecting them means, giving them the accolades they deserve, it also means staying clear from their duties(do not interfere), it also means honoring their assertions and decisions, it also means not looking down on them. 

There was a certain time that medical laboratory scientists in a hospital in Nigeria got physical with physicians over interference in their duties. Read more here

OK they said, fine! You are the leaders of the sector, why interfere in our activities? 

Similar thing happened in my clerkship days. A senior pharmacist complained to us that some physicians would prescribe drugs for patients and as well sell them to the patients to make gains, rendering the pharmacists in the hospital useless.

Still about respect. 

Some people still think that if you work in a hospital and you are not a Physician/surgeon, a Nurse or a Pharmacist, then you are wasting your time. 

Today, everyone wants to lead. 
The Pharmacists are clamoring, the nurses as well... Everyone! 

You would see on the news that physicians have been given cars, but, what happens to the nurses, radiologists, pharmacists, technicians, etc...?

These and many more are the reasons why people want to become the leaders rather than focusing on the primary aim of bettering life.

When there's synergy in the system, the masses will enjoy! 

That will be all for now! 
Comments will be appreciated!

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