Don't buy that drug yet! Things to consider before buying medicines

When buying prescription medicines, there are a lot of things to look out for... So much that I probably will miss out a number of them while preparing this list, But, I will try as much as possible to highlight the important ones here and update the article if I come across another key point. 

More importantly, you should always make sure you buy your medicines from registered Pharmacists. We always push for this because we want the best for you. Not only do Pharmacists have the requisite knowledge, but, just in case your medications may require a review and possible substitutions, they'll help you out on that as well as counseling on how to take those medications. 

Consult your Pharmacist

When purchasing your medication, there are quite a number of things to look for, sometimes on your own, or with the aid of a Pharmacist. Highlighted below are some of them:

  1. The Seal: Always look at the drug that you're about purchasing for broken seals. If the seal is tampered with, do not purchase that drug!
  2. Expiry date of the medication: Observe around the package of the container for the Expiry date of the medication you're about to purchase. Sometimes it may be difficult to find the expiration date of the medication. When this happens you may require the assistance of your Pharmacist. Make sure that your medication has expired yet! If it has? Do not buy!
  3. The Content of the Medication: if you can see the content of the medication and you know exactly how it normally looks like, check for signs of humidity, breakage/cracks, powdering, smell, and color. When these have been altered a bit, it may be a sign that the medication may have been altered as well. But, if you can't identify all these, consult your Pharmacist. These alterations may be as a result of varying temperatures, humidity, manufacturing errors, packaging and unfavorable storage conditions. Do not buy when you notice any change, and report them as well to any pharmacist in charge(there may be reasons for those noticeable changes), they'll know better.
  4. Cost: when purchasing a medication and the cost is quite higher than your budget, consult your Pharmacist for other more affordable brands. You need drugs of the right price, that is also a Pharmaceutical therapy goal.
  5. Compare Current Medication: Always tell your Pharmacist about your current medication and ask for compatibility with the medication that you are about to purchase! This is precautionary and will ensure that drug interactions are avoided. 
  6. Side effects: always look out for side effects on the leaflets or better still, consult your Pharmacist. It is your right to know what side effects you may experience after consuming that medication. 

There are so many to consider, but for now the above listed are very important and must be taken seriously.

Do not self-prescribe! Always make sure you contact your physician or Pharmacist. 
Be open-minded to your health professionals, there are so many benefits

Nice day! 

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