Patient transparency: A significant step in drug therapy

I'm ashamed of my condition, maybe I should tell the physician or the pharmacist exactly how I feel.


Maybe I shouldn't! I'm a politician, I have a chieftaincy title to my name, an influencer in my society, how can I tell them such a critical thing?

What if they expose such a critical thing to the public?
My image will be tarnished forever! No I can't!

Yes I understand. These are common silent rantings that most patients have within them before consulting a physician or a Pharmacist because of their medical condition.

However, there are hundreds of unnecessary or even wrong drug prescriptions that are issued to patients on a daily basis due to wrong or incomplete information obtained from patients.

Ideally, the right drug/prescription should be given to the right patient at the right time as well as the right information regarding the use of that drug/medication.

Patient conversation with physician

Patients also have a role to play in this process by ensuring that they provide as much as possible, the right information to their Physician and/or Pharmacist. 

Open mindedness of patients can facilitate correct diagnosis, correct prescription and better therapy goals. 

Most persons are afraid of giving out their information to Physicians and Pharmacists because they think that they are not sort of "safe" with them(physicians/pharmacists). Somehow, they fear that the information may be leaked out.

Others may not want to give out correct information because they feel shy about their condition.

Well you shouldn't feel that way! 

Every information about you regarding your illness that you provide to your Physician or Pharmacist is totally in safe hands. They won't be revealed to anyone unless you permit. It's part of the many things we have sworn to do for decades now. 

You don't need to feel shy about it as well!
No matter how disgusting it is, or how devastated you may feel, always try to open up to your physician or your Pharmacist. 
This is a key step in achieving the wellness that you seek. 

When you provide the wrong information, you may incur the wrong prescription, wrong dose, or unnecessary drugs with exorbitant prices. 

Sometimes, you may just need a few drugs with some lifestyle modifications and that's all! 

Benefits of being open minded as a patient to your Physician or Pharmacist? 

Providing the right qualitative information will ensure you get cheaper medications as well. So! It saves you time and money 

Sometimes when you give the wrong information or a little less of the right information, you just might be given too many unnecessary drugs, hence, more money. You stand the chance of getting cheaper alternatives to some medications when you give the right information.

Wrong prescription? Yes you might be given a wrong prescription when you give the wrong information.

Not just about giving the correct information that is required, be as expressive as possible.
Some people can give out the right information but really cannot express it very well. The physicians or Pharmacist then misunderstands the expression for something else and you may incur results same as the person who gave out wrong information.

How can you be expressive as a patient? 

Do not use gestures that may mean something different, or body movements that may interpret to mean another problem.

Use clear words(avoid ambiguities), and always be as simple as possible.

Be polite. 

You can write out your history before going to see your Doctor or Pharmacist, just so you don't miss out any while reporting.

The benefits of being open minded are enormous indeed and cannot be overemphasized.

Let us work together to achieve better and cheaper prescriptions as well as improved lifestyle.

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