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I have received several messages concerning the topic above.

As a Pharmacist, I have been compelled to answer this question severally, and that's exactly what I'll be doing here. 

Pharmacists are custodians of drugs and drug information. 
The entire course of study is aimed at teaching the pharmacy student or potential pharmacist about drugs and medicinal plants, their actions, pharmaceutical care and in fact, everything about drugs.

Here in Nigeria, Pharmacists are looked upon as mere "drug sellers" most times. 
This goes beyond that, and is greatly caused by the large presence of "Chemists" as they are called. 
Chemist here refers to those patent medicine dealers who may have little or no experience about drugs, but are given a patent medicine license to operate. 

One advantage of patent medicine dealers in Nigeria is the reachability. People who live in the slums and ghettos can have access to drugs.

The number of Pharmacists in Nigeria is relatively low, although growing by the year. The presence of too many unskilled patent medicine dealers can be decimating to the overall image of Pharmacy in Nigeria.
Only few persons can distinguish between a Pharmacist and a Patent medicine dealer in Nigeria 
Is Studying Pharmacy difficult?

The answer is both a "Yes" and a "No".

Pharmacy is obviously not the easiest course in our Nigerian Universities and rumored to be one of the most difficult, but calm down. It's not that hard. 
It all boils down to you and the Lecturers. 
You can do moderately well if you put in effort, without having to affect other areas of your life. 
However, if you want to be the best, you must be prepared to make some sacrifices. 

Man know thyself! 

You probably are just leaving secondary school, you might need to hold your Chemistry knowledge very well; you will meet Pharmaceutical Chemistry which is similar in concept. 
You might be needing your economics skills in clinical Pharmacy. 
Physics is needed in Pharmaceutical Technology as well. 

Basically, just hold on to your secondary school scientific knowledge. You will be needing them. 

Some lectures may appear difficult to understand sometimes, but it is perfectly normal. 

What to do when Pharmacy Study Becomes Difficult.
  • Form a study group: You may have heard that no man is an island, this is true. Some lectures may appear difficult to understand, some assignments may appear bulky to complete(you will have many of them). All you need to do is to form a study group with friends of like minds, this helped me a lot during schooling. 
  • Set deadlines before the deadline: you'll surely have many practical manuals to report and many assignments as well. Do not wait for the actual deadline, set a deadline before then and try to finish up on time. 
  • Reduce Partying: While this is good, you certainly won't be needing too many of it
  • Interact with Senior Colleagues and carry-over students: They have been there before, they know how it works.
  • Google and YouTube are Your friends: Virtually everything you need is online. You can download PDFs and videos online that will help you.
  • Consult your lecturers: Be close to them, and interact freely with them. Do not call them at odd hours. 
  • De-stress: Have a good sleep and space your work hours. 
If there's any more that I missed, please let me know via the comments. 

Pharmacy is not difficult. 
Sometimes, it all starts with your mind. Overcome the adversities there and everything will be alright.

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