Recently, the CDC and WHO recommended the use of Face Masks alongside other preventive measures already in place, such as the popular social distancing, hand sanitizing and hand washing to curtail the spread of the virus.

However, I see that a lot of persons are not doing the right things, especially concerning the use of face masks, we'll get to others subsequently.

There are some do's and do-nots we have to know when using a face mask or respirator. Wrong use of a face mask even puts you at risk more, that's why I decided to highlight some do's and do-nots here(I'll be as brief as possible). 

1. Before you put on a Face mask, Wash or Sanitize your hands!
Always ensure you wash your hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds or at least sanitize yours hands with an alcohol based sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol), meticulously observing spaces between digits and fingers.

2. When you put on your Face Mask, ensure you cover your nose and mouth properly(orifices at risk).
Ensure that your nostrils and mouth are covered very well. The virus is transmitted via respiratory droplets and possible entry points are the nose and the mouth, that's why you are wearing the face mask in the first place.

3. Avoid bringing down the face mask occasionally.
I see a lot of persons pulling down their masks when talking or when they feel tired and putting it back in place. Do not bring it down! If you must, ensure you have at least a hand sanitizer on before and after bringing it down. If possible, avoid it

4. Thou shall not touch your face!
Avoid it as possible as you can!
If you must touch, sanitize your hands before and after touching. Please avoid this.

5. Dispose your masks from behind!
When removing your face mask, remove them using the elastic band just like the picture below. Don't touch the front of the face mask, only the band! Again, don't touch the front part covering your face, only the band!

6. Wash your hands after removing your Face masks!
Do so for at least 20 seconds with soap and running water. 

7. Dispose them in Bins properly!
You may dispose them in waterproof nylon bags before placing them in public bins, or dispose them properly in personal bins while avoiding contact between the waste and the sides of the container too(not so necessary, but it helps in public bins).

8. Wash your hands or sanitize after disposing the waste 🙂🙂. 

That's all. If I left some, let me know via the comments!

Hope you found this useful, you may share with friends too. Stay Safe!

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