Spending time in the toilet is not good for you, I mean, look at that guy in the photo below 

What could happen if you spend too much time in the toilet? And how much is too much? 

When you spend a lot of time in the toilet, you can expose yourself to:
  1. Germs: Most times we go along with our phones(to see some memes and chat), and we end up spending time in the toilet. This means, longer exposure to germs. Not only to us, but our phones as well. A research even proved that some tiny/microscopic fecal particles were found on the phones later
  2. It can cause HEMORRHOIDS(pile):  The way the toilets are built, sitting on them for long can exert pressure on blood vessels around the Anus, causing them to protrude.

How long should you stay in the toilet?
You are expected to not stay more than 10 minutes.
The lesser the better.

Sometimes you may stay longer in the toilet because you find it difficult to pass out feces easily. 
What should you do? 

Simple! Watch your diet! You may even need to change your diet as well. 

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