Month: January 2019

Download Today by Mr Era mp3

Download Today by Mr Era mp3

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Have you listened to “Today” by Mr Era also known as oddboi?

Art cover for the song “Today” by Mr Era
Art cover for “Today”-Mr.Era

Mr. Era, a Bayelsan born musician,  is here with an all new single, titled ‘Today’

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On this song, the singer talks about a lot of things on a deep level, the sufferings of people at large with little or no person to lean on for help.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one, click on the link below to download .



Quotable lyrics:

“Where you say you dey, Ye Ye Ye 

Show your face 

Mummy sef dey pray, Ye Ye Ye 

Where you dey 

Today Today x2

Shay you bin say you go bless me”

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Why Fela,Sowore,Oby and others have Lost the 2019 Elections already

Why Fela,Sowore,Oby and others have Lost the 2019 Elections already

While the 2019 general elections still holds surprises for us all, it is already obvious to many of us that there are only two main candidates for the general elections, the incumbent President and the candidate for the People’s Democratic Party(PDP).


Elections generally has turned to something different from what it was, in as much as the campaigns for free and fair elections has been on for a while now, it is quite obvious that elections cannot totally be free and fair, especially in a country as Nigeria.

Following the signing of the “not too young to run bill”, we’ve had so many candidates coming up against, to contest the position. After listening and reading their manifestos, we’ll understand that these persons might have good intentions towards Nigerians and the country as a whole, and do sincerely have the desire to change the tides of things. But, winning elections in Nigeria depends on so many factors, some of which includes

  1. Popularity
  2. Affiliation to the cabals.

While these factors are still being put into consideration, it’ll take more than just popularity to win the 2019 elections.

As a Nigerian, this is not the first time you’ve heard about the word ‘cabal’. Yes they exist, and they know their way out of the very complex election maze.

Do you still need evidences that the 2019 elections would be rigged?

I bet not.

To rig an election in Nigeria costs money, and corrupt technicalities, all of which the cabals are aware of.

Just try to sit down and Imagine both popular teams(PDP & APC), and list out their members. Now, imagine other unpopular parties and list out their members.

What do you find? What’s your conclusion? Any hope?

Isn’t this more like a football match between Barcelona Fc and Enyimba Fc?

Having popular or rich members with or without an idea of rigging does not guarantee you winning an election in Nigeria, but the truth is, to a large extent, it does.

To win the heart of a lot of Persons, you’ll need to run campaigns. Of course, every party carries out campaigns, and it’s now obvious this no longer is a test of popularity, hence, various methods are added to drive traffic and buy votes, and again, the cabals are far more aware of these techniques than any other person.

I’m not in any way encouraging rigging, but these are salient points to note, and obviously, all other politicians contesting, asides from the candidates of the People’s Democratic Party and the All Progressive Congress are very  likely going to lose the election.