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And so, no need to waste time, we'll head straight over to the topic of the day.
As at the time of writing this post, I was in my fourth year, in the faculty of Pharmacy, Niger Delta University, Nigeria, and so, you'd have an idea why I'm making this post, and where I'm driving at. And if you just imagined that I want to pass on the knowledge that I've gained, then you might be just right.

So, today, I'll be talking about the Brain's rewarding system and how it affects drug abuse, and also, during the course of reading this post, you'll find out how to manage drug addiction from real life examples.
What is The brain rewarding system?
Before I define that, I want you to know that this post is not intended, to display my pharmacology prowess, or my knowledge in anatomy and physiology, as there won't be any cause for ambiguous grammar or terms, neither are we diving into the extremities of any of the above subjects, but in lame man terms, I'd make it as simple as possible.

Now to the definition.
The brain rewarding system is a collection of neural network of structures in the brain, that performs a function that may affect the way a substance is being consumed.

Now let's see it as FIFA, the governing body of football. Every time a team wins a match, FIFA gives them money or souvenirs to compensate them, and some times promises them these monies before the football game, making the teams to try their best during the games to win that match, in order to qualify for the prize.

How does this relate to your brain rewarding system?
The brain rewarding system in this case is the FIFA body, and it rewards you each time you consume a particular substance, or food, at a particular amount or quantity.

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How does this affect drug addiction?
In simple terms, this is how it works...
Take for instance, you consume a drug, for the aim of achieving what you may call, “Highness”.
Consider that you take this drug at a dose of 100mgs, and you get that feeling of being high, what this means is, that, for the 100mgs consumed, your brain has rewarded you with that feeling of being high.

After a Long time, your brain now tells you that you need to step up that dose, and the brain no longer rewards you for that 100mgs that you usually consume to attain that feeling of being high.
Therefore, everytime you consume 100mgs, you may no longer get that feeling... And something tells you that you need to increase the dose. When you finally increase the dose, your brain now rewards you with the feeling of being high, and so from 100mgs to 200mgs, and after a while, 200mgs becomes ordinary and you will feel like increasing the dose, and this goes on, until the person might even get up to 400mgs.
Yes, it's that bad, and can be caused by dependence on a certain drug, substance or even food.
And so, this is what happens in the brain, and it's just one out of other mechanisms that goes on in the brain.
That is why, you have to know the consequences of what you're about to do, or doing... And the results of course, are complexities of side effects which may lead to serious problems, that may affect delicate organs such as the kidneys and the liver, or may cause Death.

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John Omoku

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