Addiction is a state that is characterized by compulsive drug use or compulsive engagement in rewarding behavior, despite negative consequences.

This is a menace that is soon taking a toll on a vast majority of the youths today...
Take for instance, the abuse of Tramadol in the youths of today, it is terrible, as many persons are incapacitated without this drug. A drug that was initially meant for moderate to serious pain killing.

In our previous post, we examined what happens in the brain during an addiction. 

So, that is why I'm writing this post, to assist you with information on how to manage drug, substance or drink addiction.

Without wasting much time, below are detailed tips that will guide you through out the management phase.

1. Stop the addiction with another addiction.

When I first learnt about that phrase, I was in my third year, in the faculty of Pharmacy, Niger Delta University, Nigeria, in my hostel, and my senior colleague, now a Pharmacist, was preparing for a mini presentation on drug abuse, and I helped him along with the typing of the PowerPoint presentation, and I stumbled on the phrase, and we talked about it.
It sounds funny, but it is true.
Sometimes we say, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and sometimes it seems that the addiction cycle can not be broken, but the truth is, if we channel that energy into something else, we would probably forget about the addiction.
Talking About that, we know that, an idle mind is the devil's workshop, so, instead of being idle, thereby causing us to remember what we are addicted to, we can develop another addiction and further develop ourselves. That is channeling the negative energy, to doing positive things.
If I'm addicted to smoking, most especially when idle, I could use that time to learn how to play football, and so, each time I remember smoking, I'd pick up my ball and start jogging around with it.. Before you know it, I'm exhausted, and won't think about smoking.

2. Choose your circle wisely.

We are our friends, and our friends are us.
Move away from anybody that might not contribute to your goal plan. If I used to smoke or drink with a group, that not only encouraged me, but ginger me to consume more, I'll have to move away from them if I'm committed to the goal. As simple as that.

3. Talk to people!

A problem shared, is a problem half solved. Always share your problems with trusted persons. Who knows? They might be your salvation.

4. Be committed to the Goal.

I want to quit cannabis, I have to be committed to the goal, and believe in the process, even if it seems slow.
You might find yourself going back to it once in a while, but don't give up, stick to the goal... Just one day, it'll be gone.

5. Make your doctor your friend.

Do you know that there are medications that can help you stop some addictions?
Try to talk to them, they're are your friends and, they will help you out.
That wraps it up dear reader, Stay committed to process, and don't forget to pray... It goes a long way

With ❤
John Omoku 

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