Month: September 2018

The jungle naija and the prey Nigerians(the wolf and sheep illustration)

The jungle naija and the prey Nigerians(the wolf and sheep illustration)

The wolf on the far left interacting with the sheep
A wolf, seeing a lamb drinking from a river, wanted to find a pretext, for devouring him. He stood higher up the stream and accused the lamb of muddying the water so that he could not drink. The lamb said that he drank only with the tip of his tongue, and that in any case he was standing lower down the river, and could not possibly disturb the water higher up, ‘when this excuse failed him, the wolf said: ‘Well, last year you insulted my father .’I wasn’t even born then, ‘replied the lamb.

You are good at finding answers, ‘said the wolf, ‘but what do you mean by taking up so much of the path where I am walking? The lamb, frightened at the wolf’s angry tone and terrible aspect, told him, with all due submission, that he could not conceive how his walking on such a wide path could occasion him any inconvenience. ‘What! Exclaimed the wolf, seemingly in great anger and indignation. ‘You are as impudent as your father who seized me by the throat last year, and caused me to be kept in a cage for three months.
  If you will believe me, ‘said the lamb, my parents are poor simple creatures who live entirely by green stuff; we are none of us hunters of your species. ‘Ah! I see it’s no use talking to you, ‘said the wolf, drawing up close to him. ‘it runs in the blood of your family to hate us wolves, and therefore, as we have come so conveniently together, I’ll just pay off a few of your forefathers scores before we part. ‘so saying he leapt at the lamb from behind and garrotted him.

Too bad this is the situation of our dear country Nigeria or as we the youths call it Naija. 

There is always a reason for the government not to help us, there’s always that reason for the youths to be labeled as thieves, unproductive and useless.

When will Nigeria stop killing the dreams of Nigerians? 
Who will come to our Rescue?
We have no steady light, no good roads, no jobs, no security. Just like the animal farm story, should the youths start a revolution? If they do, will it save them? 

Moral Lesson: A  tyrant Will always find an excuse for his tyranny.

Written by: Prezigha Fafi

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The thread between Cultism and Autism(eye opener and a command)

The thread between Cultism and Autism(eye opener and a command)

“Who goes you”
 “Wither you”
 “We go fall am down”

(Above are popular sayings, by cultists, somewhere in West Africa, with the aim of instilling fear in their victims… Mind you, they are not just to instill fear. Still wondering what the last quote means?) 
Photo depicting Cultism
Life is evolving everyday. A dynamic process they say it is.

However, the cult groups aren’t resting their nets… C’mon! there are lots of fishes coming with the changing tides, and so they are up and ever running. 
Cultism has evolved to becoming an association of mean and nasty archers coming together to forming a franchise that will not only pose a threat to their offenders, but the society at large. 
Can’t you see? Look around you… 
Handsome men and beautiful women, now rusty scars from blades of axe and knives. 
They wear uniforms, not just on their bodies, but in their hearts, with one common goal.
What is that? You tell me. 
Is this not madness well dressed?
They use axes and cutlasses, but the government use them as axes and cutlasses. 
Egocentrism flows… My group is the best. Eliminate any man that stands as your opponent. If you don’t see them, don’t come back empty handed. No one dares challenge. 

Éyo éyo, commot body oo, blood must pour! 

Is this not madness well dressed? 
A vibrant youth, already a cultist… Why? 

“Na condition make crayfish bend”

(His past predicament is responsible for his situation).

Parents, you have a role to play.. 

Stop saying, “pikin wey bad Don bad”(Evil is already inherent in a bad child, no solution)

Educate them, open their eyes and hearts.

To the guys and girls, weigh your options, like a man with his gasket on his left hand, and a pen on his right hand… 

“Condition no bend crayfish, Wetin dey inside crayfish Naim bend am”.

With ❤
John Omoku. 

Some phrases in the article were written in some typical Nigerian slangs, it is quite obvious, that this article can be traced to the Nigerian roots as the primary source, and society at large, as an aim.